The Belfast Photo Festival 2011

The Belfast Photo Festival 2011

The Belfast Photo Festival 2011

It is great that not only we can enjoy a Photography festival in Dublin, but that a new initiative is offering this year Belfast’s own festival: the Belfast Photo Festival. We know only very well the hard work that Michael Weir, the festival Director, and his team has put into the exhibitions and events that are offered in the programme. We are sure that you will enjoy it!
You can download the Belfast Photo Festival brochure here or check it online.

A quick round up of the exhibitions and events running from the 4th to the 14th of August:


Detonating Rough Ground by Paul Seawright
Under A Grey Sky by Simon Burch
Polonia & Other Fables by Allan Sekula
Full Spectrum Dominance by Simon Norfolk
Red Barn Archive – Group Show
It is, Still by Clare Samuel
Tales From The Promised Land by Kenneth O’Halloran
Isolated Building Studies by David Schalliol
Europe by Christof Pluemacher
Tribes by Lucia Herrero
Common Place by Eoin O’Conaill
The Dark by Christopher Martin
Document by Roseanne Lynch
Attention Seekers by Miriam O’Connor
Animal by Elliot Ross
Looking at Looking – Group show
Long Way To Paradise – Group Exhibition

The 2011 Open Submission with works by Alberto Maserin, Andrew Ivanov, Darek Fortas, Elisa Noguera, Gavin Devine, Geir Moseid, Jason Larkin, Klaus Pichler, Poulomi Basu, Samuel Dermigny, Tommy Ting, Tomas Dezso, Yaron Lapid, and Yoav Friedlander.


There are loads of events you can enjoy throughout the festival, like reviewsbook launchesworkshopstalks and seminarswalks, and screenings. That will surely keep you busy for the ten days of the festival!

The PhotoIreland Festival team wishes the Belfast Photo Festival the best of luck.

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