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Chasing Shadows II
Following last year’s very successful Chasing Shadows exhibition, as part of PhotoIreland Festival, Chasing Shadows II continues to explore theme of the relationship between digital and nineteenth century photographic processes as well as exhibiting some unique processes using period equipment and methods.

As computer prints have grown ever more photographic the desire to produce labour intensive photographs by hand has grown more urgent. Digital photography has continued to convince practitioners of its potential and dependability however it is reassuring that there are still photographers willing to reformulate their working methods to include the historical as part of their contemporary practice.

The process of making these images not only influences the result in terms of aesthetic but has an effect on the theme or concept. This exhibition not only explores photographic methods but also more importantly scrutinises a collection of concerns and subjects reflecting the eclectic interests of the exhibiting photographers.

This work not only demonstrates the flexibility of photographic practice but also acknowledges the origins of the art.


Opening day: 7pm 18 July
Dates: 18-31 July
Opening hours:
Mo to Fri  12-7pm
Sat & Sun  12-6pm

Centre for Creative Practices
15 Pembroke Street Lower
Dublin 2

Location Map

The photographers involved include: Claudi Nir, Louis Haugh, Kamile Matulaityte, Ian Mitton, Jamie Maxwell, Dominic Turner, Caitriona Dunnett, Gwen Wilkinson, Kasia Kesicka, Orla O’Brien, Alison Baker Kerrigan, Monica Fabijanczyk, Jason Lowe, Niamh Raftery, Monika Chmielarz, Maeve O’Neill, Dominique Beyens, and Lucy Nuzum.

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