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Take Another Left by Shane Connaughton & Diarmait Grogan
The work of these two photographers portrays two distinct views of the world. While they have many thematic concerns in common, their work above all shares a similarity in approach – theirs is an experiential mode of photography. The images in this exhibition quite literally map the photographers’ own experiences, contemplatively documenting their lives as they unfold. The results are refracted through the prism of the artists’ own subjectivity as they each vividly express their personal perspectives on life.

About the Photographers

Grogan and Connaughton met in 2004. They have been collaboratively exploring the medium of photography since then. Working together and in parallel, they have been mutually influential on each other’s practice. This is their first time exhibiting together.


Opening: 7 July, 6:00pm
Dates: 8 July to 12 July
Opening hours: 12noon-7pm daily

Block T
1-6 Haymarket
Smithfield Square
Dublin 7

Location Map

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