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Core Team

As PhotoIreland is an organisation that continues its work outside the festival period, we accept expressions of interest to join the core team throughout the year. The ambitious goals of our organisation can not be carried out without your help, so if you think you share the long term goals and want to push forward with us, and eventually forge your own job position, then contact us at info[AT]photoireland.org and let’s talk.

PhotoIreland Festival Opportunities

You make PhotoIreland Festival: Volunteer for 2011
Great volunteers are those who share the passion to build something unique, but the best volunteers are those whose vision over time remains as strong as on day one. Put your skills forward and help us with PhotoIreland. Volunteer work is rewarding in terms of experience and knowledge gained, and the best way to network with some of the people involved in this year’s programme.  We are currently looking for volunteers to fulfill the following role:


At PhotoIreland, we call Flaneurs the core volunteers who help manage the exhibitions. It takes a smile and a kind word to be a good Flaneur. They represent the festival and are hosts to thousands of visitors. Well-informed, observant and proactive, they welcome queries and resolve any issues that come up with diligence. And they do it because they share the joy of the visitor discovering a unique festival in Ireland.

Application: To apply, please send us an email to volunteers [at] photoireland.org with your contact details, adding in the subject “Volunteer – Flaneur”. Highlight your field of expertise if you feel it is important.

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