Sponsors and Partners

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With the kind support of

Cultural Partners

European Union National Institutes for CultureGoethe Institute of IrelandAlliance Francaise
Austrian Embassy in DublinInstituto Cervantes de Irlanda

Special Thanks to

Irish Museum of Modern Art

Temple Bar Gallery and Studios

The Douglas Hyde Gallery

Royal Hibernian Academy

Gallery of Photography

Fundación Pablo IglesiasEmbajada de España en Irlanda

With Thanks to

Gallery of Photography
IMMA, Irish Museum of Modern Art
RHA, Royal Hibernian Academy
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
Fundación Pablo Iglesias
Foreign Ministry of Spain, Dublin
The Douglas Hyde Gallery
Sebastian Guinness Gallery
The Complex
The Franklin Furnace, New York
The National Library of Ireland
Stag & Deer (Urban Space Initiative)
Brown & Bri
Grad Cam
Daniel O’Gorman
Indigo & Cloth
Self Publish Be Happy
Visual Artists Ireland
Art Polonia
Centre for Creative Practice
City Arts
La Catedral
Exchange Focus
Block T
The James Joyce Centre
Dublin Camera Club
The Photography Studio
Fumbally Exchange
MadArt Gallery
Lay Flat
Le Cool
Maurice Ward
UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency
Gallery 53
Create Ireland
Temple Bar Cultural Trust
No Grants Gallery
Business to Arts
Severed Head Gallery
ipn, irish photo news
Patrick Donald Gallery
The Swan Centre
South Studios Gallery
The Workmans Club
D-light Studios
Homeless Gallery
Inspirational Arts
Exhibit A
MOXIE Studios
darc space
The Little Green Gallery

A special thanks to those companies, organisations and individuals that are helping PhotoIreland and the artists involved.

We couldn’t do it without Tanya Kiang, Trish Lambe, Daniel Scully, Darragh Shanahan, and Pete Smyth, at the Gallery of Photography; Sarah Owens and John Kenny, Sebastian Guinness Gallery; Enrique Juncosa, Sean Kissane and everyone at the Irish Museum of Modern Art; Ruth Carroll, Amelia Stein, Rebecca Gale, at the Royal Hibernian Academy; Rayne Booth, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios; Sheena Malone and Michael Hill, The Douglas Hyde Gallery; Sarah Tuck, Create Ireland; Martin McCabe and Mick Wilson at GradCAM; Katherine McSharry and Elizabeth M. Kirwan at The National Library of Ireland, and the staff at the National Photographic Archive; The Franklin Furnace, New York; Rachel Stanley and Teresa Pereira at Blurb; Fundación Pablo Iglesias; Acción Cultural Española; Andrew, Rowena and Stuart, at Business to Arts; Katie Lowry, European Cultural Contact Point Ireland; Daniel O’Gorman and Gareth Pitcher; Vanessa, Annemarie and Roger, The Complex; Nick Reilly and Judith Duggan, City Arts; Lynsey NiRainaill, Lorraine Maye and Denise Rushe, at Temple Bar Cultural Trust; Inspirational Arts, Exhibit A, Fire, ioPhotoworks, MIP Mac Innes Photography, Basecamp, Urban Space Initiative; Everyone at Exchange Dublin, Art Polonia, The Centre for Creative Practice, Filmbase, Block T, The James Joyce Centre, the Dublin Camera Club, darc space, The Little Green Gallery, MOXIE Studios, KT Contemporary, The Photography Studio, Fumbally Exchange, MadArt Gallery, Gallery 53, the No Grants Gallery, Severed Head Gallery, Patrick Donald Gallery, The Swan Centre,The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Irish Photo News, Yelp, Le Cool, Photographers.ie

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