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Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade: the list.

Martin Parr's Best Books of the Decade: the list.
PhotoIreland Festival announces Martin Parr’s selection of the 30 most influential photobooks of the last decade. The selection, on show at the National Photographic Archive of Ireland until the 31st of July, is featured in the exhibition catalogue, limited to an edition of 500. The catalogue includes Martin Parr’s comments on each book, together with illustrations and ‘Author’s notes’. These are mostly unpublished texts by the photographers, publishers and curators of the works – personal statements on the process and raison d’être of each book. The catalogue is available for purchase online priced €20.00, or signed by Martin Parr for €40.00. A special collectors edition, signed and numbered 1-30, in a handmade box, can be purchased priced at €100.00, all prices exclude shipping costs. Please note that not all numbers of the special edition are still available.

Martin Parr's Catalogue – Collectors Box

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We would like to thank the following people for their time and contribution to the production of ‘Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade’ catalogue: Lara Asole, Tomoka Aya, Gerry Badger, Chris Boot, Miguel Calderon, David Chandler, Alison Crosby, JH Engström, Hans Eijkelboom, Carolina Faustmann, Göster Flemming, Patrick Frey, Stephen Gill, John Gossage, Paul Graham, Thijs Groot Wassink, Peter-Frank Heuseveldt, Miyako Ishuichi, Motoi Kato, Rinko Kawauchi, Geert van Kesteren, Nina Korhonen, Nico Krebs, Peter Lau, Leigh Ledare, Kristen Lubben, Ruben Lundgren, Sheila Matthes, Ryan McGinley, Christien Meindertsma, Susan Meiselas, Poppy Melzack, Elizabeth Moy, Lars Müller Baden, Mariam Nahavandi, Taiyo Onorato, Alwina Pampuch, Martin Parr, Doug Rickard, Simon Roberts, Florian van Roekel, Daniela Rossell, Tomoyuki Sakaguchi, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Viviane Sassen, Markus Schaden, Sue So, Susumu Shimonishi, Alec Soth, Jules Spinatsch, Hiroshi Suganuma, Carrie Thompson, Hannes Wanderer, Michael Wolf, Donovan Wylie, Peter Yardley, and Uchihara Yasuhiko.

The list

Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade

Ryan McGinley The Kids are Alright

Geert van Kesteren Why Mister Why

Christien Meindertsma Checked Baggage

Sakaguchi Tomoyuki Home

Paul Graham A Shimmer of Possibility

Dash Snow Slime the Boogie

Viviane Sassen Flamboya

JH Engstrom Trying to Dance

Daniela Rossell Ricas y Famosas

Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs The Great Unreal

Archive of Modern Conflict Nein, Onkel

Florian van Roekel How Terry likes his coffee

WassinkLundgren Empty Bottles

Alessandra Sanguinetti On the Sixth Day

Alec Soth Sleeping by the Mississippi

Rinko Kawauchi Utatane

John Gossage Berlin in the time of the Wall

Leigh Ladare Pretend You’re Actually Alive

Simon Roberts We English

Doug Rickard New American Picture

Miguel Calderon Miguel Calderon

Miyako Ishuichi Mother’s

Jules Spinatsch Temporary Discomfort: Chapter 1-V

Uchihara Yasuhiko Son of a Bit

Donovan Wylie Scrapbook

Stephen Gill Hackney Wick

Susan Meiselas In History

Michael Wolf Tokyo Compression

Nina Korhonen Anna, Amerikan Mummu

Hans Eijkelboom Portraits & Cameras 1949-2009

EDITORIAL NOTES Published on the occasion of the exhibition Photobooks: Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade Curated by Martin Parr 16 July—31 July 2011 National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland In the framework of PhotoIreland Festival 2011 International Festival of Photography and Image Culture Catalogue edited by Moritz Neumüller & Ángel Luis González Assistant Researcher Claudia Nir Design by Conor & David Book Photography by David Monaghan Published by PhotoIreland, 2011 PhotoIreland 64 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, Ireland info @ photoireland.org www.photoireland.org +353 876856169 © The artists, the authors. The moral rights of the authors have been asserted. All rights reserved. No part of this publicationmay be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical, inclusing photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission in writing of the publisher. Printed and bound in an edition of 500 by Impress Printing Works in Dublin, Ireland 5 Comments

Open Call 2011: winners announced

Open Call 2011: winners announced

In cooperation with Blurb, this year we searched for the best contemporary photobooks within our audience, via our international Open Call for submissions. We received hundreds of submissions, of great quality, and these are the selected photobooks:

Bo Gort, Insulatus
Brendan Maher, Water Mark
Brian Cregan, On Off Halsted
Chris Collins, My Car is a Rolls Royce
Chris Mear, the a511
David Killeen, To You I Follow
Dejan Karin, Prelude
Eveliina Hujanen, Fairyland
Joachim Schmid, L.A. Women
Krisy Lynn Carpenter, Since We’ve Spoken
Lewis Koch, Bomber, A Chance Unwinding
Maciej Pestka, Presa De Lanzarote
Noel Nobeltt, The Desolate Land’s Portraits
Norbert Görtz, Doha
Peter Gates, Insignificance
Rada Moneva, Analogue This
Rob O’Connor, Enclosed
Sean Hillen, The Whole Works
Steve Ryan, Raw Materials
Yury Toroptsov, Why Was I Born In Russia

Congratulations to the 20 selected and thanks to all participants. The books will be printed and they will be available for at the Book and Magazine Fair.

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