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Anger by Niall O’Brien
Irish photographer and filmmaker Niall O’Brien presents his most recent video project in Block T. “Anger is an emotion we are all too familiar with but one that is most raw and concentrated during the formative years of our lives. This video doesn’t seek to question the source of our anger, rather to capture it in is most undiluted form. Between the lines, it is obvious to see what we are dealing with, but only for a split second. In emphasising the act, which is nothing more than an outburst, but by highlighting it I have exaggerated the feeling reducing it to its essence. Sound is also an important part of the installation to increase the feeling of discomfort in the viewer and to aid the visual in a more dynamic way. These pieces have been treated like photographic stills, the movement is slight and flowing, never changing in emotion: I want to capture and express this raw and powerful moment in the most explicit way”.

About the Photographer

Born in Dublin in 1979, Irish photographer and filmmaker Niall O’Brien studied fine art photography in the renowned Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

He has exhibited at a number of Irish and English shows and has many awards to his name, including the Irish Professional Photographer’s Association Rex Roberts Medal and two main categories in the ICI Photographer of the Year Award. In October 2008 Niall was accepted into the top 20 portfolios in the International Portfolio Review, Bratislava. He continues to exhibit throughout Europe.


Opening: 6pm 7 July
Dates: 7-12 July
Opening hours:
12noon-7pm daily

Block T
1-6 Haymarket
Smithfield Square
Dublin 7

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