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The Hidden Garden, by Garvan Gallagher
“It’s like going to mass” is how one resident describes her time in ‘The Hidden Garden’. In 2008, the locals of a small residential street in Dublin’s north inner city decided to give purpose to an empty patch of land that was left overgrown, debris-filled and purposeless since the 1980’s. ‘The Hidden Garden’ documents the transformation of this dumping ground into a vibrant, energetic and award winning community garden.
Reclaiming a piece of land goes beyond just doing so for the purpose of growing fruit and vegetables, it also facilitates the growth of communities that include children and adults alike. This project and this film in particular is about the human story behind a simple idea, a story that documents the slow emergence of far more than vegetables, but a reawakening of a community.


3pm 10 July
1pm and 4pm 13 July
Running time 46mins.

City Arts
15 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1.

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