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Grey Area, by Arcadia Collective
This exhibition seeks to examine some of life’s grey areas. It is an exploration and personal interpretation by a diverse group of photographers of some of the different concepts of the grey area that we have personally encountered and experienced. Curated by Louise Cody.

About the Arcadia Collective

Arcadia collective is a group of emerging photographers, united by our passion for the medium and the shared experience of studying our craft together. Recent graduates of Griffith College, Arcadia was born to provide a forum for us to come together for feedback, support and analysis.  Our work is varied, our influences wide-ranging and our styles diverse, however we have a common goal, the desire to grow as artists and to create a platform to show our work, through our website and group shows such as “The Grey Area”.

Karan Clifford graduated from Griffith College Dublin in 2010 with a BA in Photographic Media. Karan is a Dublin based photographer who primarily focuses on band and stylized fashion photography. In her band photography she has produced many album, EP and single covers which have been released by Irish bands and has had photographs published in Irish media publications such as The Irish Times & Hotpress. However, in her personal projects, Karan likes to blur the line between reality and fantasy with colour and through carefully constructed scenes. This can be seen in her submission to ‘The Grey Area’.


Opening: 7.30pm 8th July
Dates: 8 – 31 July
Opening hours:
Mon to Sat 10am-5.30pm

Gallery 53
53 Capel Street
Dublin 1

Location Map

Aaron Dempsey’s fine art projects, which are heavily influenced by painting and cinema, present constructed images in a conceptual manner. His work attempts to extract the beauty from the everyday moments of life and portray them to the viewer in a unique and surreal visual style. This is evident in his project ‘Dreams’ which was shown at ‘The Thing That Bruises You’ as part of Photo Festival 2010. Aaron holds a BA in Photography from Griffith College Dublin and has exhibited at several group shows. This summer some of his work has been selected for the 154th Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition in London.

Niall Griffin work focuses on the liminal spaces that exist between the urban and rural environments, particularly on the outskirts of Dublin which has seen great changes in the last few decades. He qualified in 2010 with a BA in Photographic Media from Griffith College, Dublin.

Marie Hickey is completing a BA in Photographic Media at Griffith College Dublin. Marie is drawn to details and order, she also has an
interest in people observing their behavior, intricacies and mannerisms. Her project ‘88 Square Metres’ centers on the home and personal space, it is a glimpse into homes to see how people project themselves. Through this insight the viewer can observe different peoples personalities through their homes and possessions.

As technology develops and becomes integral to our daily lives. Rich Lambe explores the human dependency on such technology.  He chooses a particular technique of artificial light and space to capture a unique perspective to his imagery. Exhibited in “the thing that bruises you” and the Open call Photofestival 2010.

With a strong interest in psychology Frank Malone’s images have always shown a curiosity for the motivations and behavior of people. He aims to document this in his photography. On a broader level his interest stretches to society and the inequality that exists within it.

Simon Martin received a BA in Photographic Media from Griffith College Dublin in 2010. Whether using natural light in his documentary projects or artificial light in his concept driven imagery, it is often the areas left in darkness that lead to the eerie quality of his work.

Jason McGarry graduated from Griffith College Dublin in 2010 with a BA in Photographic Media. Jason is a Dublin based photographer who primarily focuses on fine art and documentary photography. He has been published in the Mail on Sunday and The Sun newspapers and exhibited in Filmbase and Photofest Ireland as part of ‘the thing that bruises you’.

David O’Leary recently graduated from Griffith College Dublin with a BA in photographic media. He would describe his style of photography as contemporary. He draws inspiration from photographers such as Nadav Kander, Martin Parr and Martin Schoeller as well as lesser known photographers such as Mark Fagelson. He likes to make images that encourages the viewer to come to their own conclusion. He continuously searches for new ways to express himself through the medium of photography.

Emma O’Brien photographic practice is humanistic in its approach and her photography is a collection of her observations of the human
experience. She is interested how we engage with each other, how we experience the self, the affect of relationships, and the impression
we make on our environment.  Her  awareness of the melancholy threads of human existence seems present in her work. Her style is a
combination of documentary and fine art.

Claire Ryan likes to explore different facets of life employing fantasy to do so. Her images often reflect the absurd, strange and wonderful aspects of being human. Claire holds a BA in photographic media and her project ‘Play’ was exhibited in last years Open Call exhibition.


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