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A Royal Wedding, by Five Eleven Ninety Nine
For PhotoIreland Festival 2011, the collective Five Eleven Ninety Nine have created a collection of individual projects exploring the human quest for happiness in contemporary Western society. Everywhere people are dreaming of something more and better than what they currently have: aspiring to be more successful, to earn more, achieve more, be loved more – and thereby attain the state of happiness. A Royal Wedding is a metaphor for this very human characteristic. Each photographer has explored this area from a different angle, and the resulting projects use still photography, screenshots, video and sound, all in the hope of encouraging reflection on how to live “happily ever after”.

About the Photographers

Jonny Cochrane was born in York in 1984. His work examines people, places and experiences with an often peculiar nature. He finds inspiration in photography’s ability to elevate the mundane to the beautiful and the everyday to the extraordinary. His photographs favour developing atmosphere and mood to create narratives that are suggestive rather than explicit. Jonny lives and works in London.


Opening: 6pm 1 July
Dates: 1-30 July
Opening hours: 11-6pm daily

La Catedral Studios, 7/11 Saint Augustine Street, Dublin 8

Location Map

Simone Massera was born in 1983 in Rome, Italy. He’s interested in expressing through pictures the subjective perceptions of social issues and, basically, in exploring what it is to be a human being. These days he lives and works as a freelance photographer in London.

Maria de la Iglesia was born in Madrid in 1978 and currently lives in London. In her photography she makes use of the absurd as a way of exploring the human condition. It’s a visual and psychological observation that looks with irony and dark humour at the individuals themselves in a context of contrasts.

Hannah Lucy Jones was born in the English Midlands in 1980. She is often found photographing dreamily melancholic scenes of everyday life, reflecting her fascination with our subjective emotional experience and a terminal condition commonly known as existential angst. She lives and works in London.

Samuel Bland was born in 1979 in the north of England. He is particularly interested in combining media – still and moving image, text and sound – to create unusual bodies of work that explore issues of identity, ecology and the relationship between man and his environment. His time is divided between freelance commercial work, pursuing his own personal projects, and teaching.

Teresa Cos was born in 1982 in a small town near Venice, Italy. Her photographic research focuses on the transformations of contemporary western society and the anxiety in the struggle for success with which people tend to live. With her images she tries to involve the viewer in the palpable tensions of a society reaching breaking point.

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