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Zofia Rydet. A documentary

A documentary on the life and works of Zofia Rydet. Zofia Rydet’s dilemma was of being a photographer who wanted to be a documentarist true to reality on the one hand, and aspiring to become an artist, a visionary, creating a kind of synthetic over-reality, soaring above realism on the other. The final stage of her work shows that the artist overcame the dilemma and set out to retell the reality with total accuracy.

The documentary, ‘The Endlessly Distant Roads’, was made by her friend Andrzej Rozycki, who is also a well known polish artist, film director and an art theoretician. Made with sensibility and artistic creativity, the film shows in the simple and pure form the enourmos output of Zofia Rydet. Her own commentary gives an additional value to this film. Awarded on the international film festivals in Lodz and Cracow.

Duration: About 30 minutes.
Directed by Andrzej Rozycki
Photography by Stefan Nitoslawski
36mm B&W film
Lodz 1990


Date: 7pm 7 July

Centre for Creative Practice
15 Pembroke Street Lower
Dublin 2

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