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Zofia Rydet, The Exhibition. A talk by Karol Jozwiak

Zofia Rydet’s dilemma was of being a photographer who wants to be a documentarist, true to reality on the one hand, and aspiring to become an artist, a visionary, creating a kind of synthetic over-reality, soaring above realism on the other. The final stage of her work shows that the artist overcame the dilemma and set out to retell the reality with total accuracy.

The Descriptive role of the exhibition – on some aspects and concepts of the exhibition of Zofia Rydet

How to describe concepts through an exhibition, how to narrate a story of creativity? What is the role of an exhibition, is it just a mere composition of works, or is it a more creative task?

The exhibition of Zofia Rydet is an attempt to interpret the enormous creative output of Zofia Rydet. By building up on the tension linking the two most important stages of her artistic work, two great realisms – the surrealism of photo-montages (60s and 70s) and pure realism of The Sociological Record (the end of 70s to the beggining of 90s) – we want to show the thematic unity which dominates over the diversity of formal choices. We want to tell a story of an artist, who is desperately looking for the way of preserving the vanishing reality. Is it possible to achieve it through an exhibition?


Date: 7pm 30 June

Centre for Creative Practice
15 Pembroke Street Lower
Dublin 2

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