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We Are Focus, by Exchange Focus Photography Collective
We Are Focus is a group exhibition by the Exchange Focus Photography Collective. The We Are Focus exhibition is an invitation and a glimpse into the ongoing projects by members of the collective. We extend a unique and warm welcome towards all interested to view and discuss our emerging art.

Exhibiting artists:
Tomás Arthuzzi, Mads Bruun, Seb Dooris, Aisling Finn, Gergely Garamvölgyi, Daniel J Kelly, Fiona Killeen, Csapo Lajos, Mary O’Sullivan, Anita Radovnikovic, and Paul Reynolds.

About Exchange Focus Photography Collective

Tomás Arthuzzi was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 1987. In 2009, he finished a degree in Advertising from PUC-MG. He is a photographer passionate about technology, music and experimentation. Always searching the diverse, he seeks to unite in his work the common, the original, and the surprising.

Mads Bruun is a autodidact Danish photographer based in Dublin since 2008. The exhibited works are part of a Dublin series seeking to elevate the banal of ordinary public life around us to something more than a passing triviality, to reveal a condensed reflection of the now.


Opening: 7pm 1 July
Dates: 1 July – 14 July
Opening hours: Daily 12-10pm

Fish Bowl Gallery @ Exchange Dublin
Exchange Street Upper,
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Location Map

Seb Dooris is a Dublin based photographic artist. The camera is integral to his work, documenting and creating his life and art. As the lines blur between life and art, an expression through photography emerges.

Aisling Finn is a Dublin born and based photographer. She is interested in the idea that we usually don’t afford our surroundings much attention and due to this, things of interest often leave little impression on us or simply go unnoticed.

Garamvölgyi Gergely – or Gary – is a photographer who is drawn towards mysterious urban landscapes. As a nine year old boy he used to go on minuscule adventures after school, discovering the town’s abandoned sites where the tramlines end. If he had a camera then, he would have taken similar pictures.

Daniel J Kelly is qualified in multimedia but he has always had a passion for photography. He always has a camera of some description with him everywhere he goes. He loves to go out for a day with the sole reason to take some pictures, sometimes he doesn’t see the point of visiting places at all without a camera! He has a big passion for travel and plans a few trips each year with photography in mind. There’s nothing better than arriving in a new place with a camera in hand to explore!

Fiona Killeen is an architect and member of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. She has been interested in photography for many years but the recession has allowed to give it the attention it deserved. It’s digital photography that she has been putting her time into and the manipulation of the captured pieces to create something even more than the eye sees – to create art.

Csapo Lajos has worked for an art cinema and an international visual foundation as an organizer. Through this job he has met several photographers and filmmakers and seen their visually compelling works. It was an extremely inspirational environment which led him to buy a camera and start to learn how to create images. Images which may add or take away from the official interpretation of so called ‘Reality’.

Mary O’Sullivan’s chief interests are landscape and wildlife photography, although more recently this has extended to include documentary work. This image was taken at Stony Point in Bettys Bay near Cape Town, South Africa. She chose it because of the Jurassic quality of the landscape and the juxtaposition of the sunset and moon rise.

Anita Radovnikovic found Exchange Focus last year, during the PhotoIreland Festival. It allowed her to share interests, learn new skills and improve her knowledge about photography. At the moment she is interested in documenting our interactions within the world we live, our lasting connection to the place we call home, be it a slum, a luxury home, or a place that does not exist anymore.

Paul Reynolds recently rediscovered a childhood love for photography. As he has yet to settle on a particular style or genre, he is open to all influences – established photographers, the recognised greats and his companions in Exchange Focus. While shooting on the street his eye is drawn to the individual.

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