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A Beret Will Be Fine, by DIT 2nd Year Students
A Beret Will Be Fine is an exhibition of emerging photographers within the second year of DIT’s BA in Photography program who just wish to get things done. Taking things into your own hands is an important trait for anyone wishing to make a name for themselves in this current climate. We are not people who are just going to sit around and wait for opportunities to fall in our laps. We are people who create them. The exhibition title refers to a quote from internet podcast authority and productivity guru, Merlin Mann:

“The actual making of stuff, ends up being a fairly tedious process, a tedious lonely non-beret wearing process, and I’m not saying that in a mean way, I hope I’m saying that in a hopeful way, because as hard as it is, and I’m not talking about me here, I’m talking about real people who make stuff, as hard as it is to get great at making stuff over and over again, there is something oddly freeing about saying “Well no there is not a genie and there is not a muse” and yes it will take you more than four hours a week and you can’t do it in a hammock. You’re going to actually have to get up early and work. No one in India will do this for you. You’re going to have to go out and really work on this stuff … if it matters to you. And if it doesn’t matter to you then a beret will be fine.”


Opening: 7pm 30 June
Dates: 30 June-7 July
Opening hours:
12pm to 6pm daily

The Little Green Gallery,
Little Britain Street (off Capel Street),
Dublin 7

Location Map

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We take this quote as a representation of the day-to-day process of going to college and putting in the time and attention needed to create fulfilling work. This exhibition is a showcase of the best of that work.

About the photographers

Exhibiting are second year students of DIT’s BA in Photography programme. Photographers include: Andrina Baker, Ryan Byrne, Kristina Collender, Emmett Connell, Efa Corwell, Elina Dimante, Neil Dorgan, Jonathan Higgins, Kasia Kaminska, Feena Kavanagh, Barry Keogh, Robert McCormack, Deirdre McGing, Claire Meagh, Bobi Murray, Rosie Nixon, Adele O’Byrne, Nikki O’Carroll, Treasa O’Hanlon, Catherine O’Toole, Maciej Pestka, Alex Sinclair, Irene Siragusa.

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